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Conference Venue

Mercure Beijing CBD


地址: 中国北京市朝阳区西大望路甲16号院 邮编100124 (Address: No.16 Jia, Xi Da Wang Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100124, P.R. China)

With the three buildings - Main Building, Executive Wing and Conference Centre, Mercure Beijing CBD presents to guests a low-density garden hotel, in its unique style. Mercure Beijing CBD is well located at Xi Da Wang Road in Chaoyang District, close to Jianguo Avenue, between East 3rd Ring and East 4th Ring with easy access to them. 

拥有主楼、嘉宾楼和会议楼三栋独立建筑,北京华腾国贸美居酒店以独特之处,为客人呈现低密度花园式风格. 北京华腾国贸美居酒店位于北京市朝阳区西大望路, 邻近建国路,位于东三环与东四环之间,抵达三、四环路交通非常便利。

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